Braulio Romero.26. Chicago USA.
Film*Art*XXX *Morbid


On Friday I saw Jim Jarmusch on the train but it turned out to be Ted Danson but pretty much it was just a guy with white hair

made cute hate

He says we got a connection

Straight away after finding out more of me

I can’t do anything with this stress but get well dressed

Can never find that person to sense my humor

He just repeats that I’m a cutie

He tries to sound more hip than me

Using slang from this century

I never knew words could baffle someone else

Because it is a joke he doesn’t know he is offended

Uh oh I didn’t mean a thing

I just meant to see if you could breathe when I tried to make you laugh

Guys get kind of cold and several come and go

This is the day that I’m sure that I did

Made cute hate


Why do I feel like watching Gummo at 331am in the morning?

somebody remind me to post a picture of me meeting Harmony Korine

OMG! 2008 was such a good year

no im not drunk

Call me faggot one more time and I’ll bury your head up my ass

When my eyes tremble I lose count of the times I counted out the window and my heart aches at the loss of a tear drop of a tattoo made on a prisoner

surrounded amongst trees and you grow ferns out of your mouth. I feel the letters printed on the parchment and in my sleep I still see colors, there’s no one to talk about my troubles.

That day when I peel away the dark away it’ll be clear as the touch of your face, I shall fear no bible and nor Satan. My metal never rusts and the feeling around the air if I’m floating up with the dead I refuse to inherit your genetics, life is cruel enough  Santa says here are your presents and I can see it all.

I’ve been riding the moon again and the lights that peer through the window and it won’t tell me if it’s the sun

The rings of Saturn have been dusted out you still don’t know where I am

Lost all compassion and my brain shifted down memory lane, you were awful to me in my childhood

So it’s difficult to forgive you at all

Like the times you’ve said you want to move along the craters of ruined Rome

 I’m on the wall, I keep looking through and yet there’s nothing beyond

Now I think it’s better to speak a little louder when my dreams pound me harder to awake

They’re telling me I shouldn’t be Mr. Nice Guy anymore

The man you know has left the building and this time he’s making something

Something for all the emails that were rejected and all the people that left him alone

He creeps along your bed and cursing at you as you lay there

Your last breath will be as worse

I laughed so hard I thought my chest was going to burst

I laughed so hard I thought my chest was going to burst

I laughed so hard I thought my chest was going to burst

I laughed so hard I thought my chest was going to burst

if I had a tiny hair would it grow a bit long as a stick quivering in the night where kids don’t sleep and have a silver hair grow against the moon and snow